Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Juice Fast/Feast- Week 1

So even though my long term plan is to eat like Dr. Fuhrman suggests I'm currently doing another juice fast and I thought- what better way to keep on track than to blog it?

As many of the readers of Almost Skinny Vegan Food would know I'm a juicing fan and have documented previous juice fasts hereherehere and here. I've found it really helps to record my progress so that's what I will be doing here. The longest fast I've done prior to this was 3 weeks/21 days and since my work is currently at a low point I'm hoping I can push this one out for longer- assuming I'm still feeling good about it all that is! Perhaps I could do a 30 day or even 60 day one? Have any of you juiced for that long? Would you suggest it?

My challenge is walking that fine line between obsession and attention to detail though- so I'm really focusing on keeping this blog a positive, healthy space to help keep my weight loss on track. In the interests of keeping myself sane and healthy my natropath suggested upping the amount of juice, adding in fruit as well as veggie juice, adding a little protein powder and chia/flax seeds seeing as in the past my skin has deteriorated while fasting. So I'm not going for perfection, I'm going to add in the extra fats and protein where needed and just try to keep feeling good!

Starting weight- 89kgs

I began by limiting my food intake a couple of days before beginning juicing, reducing quantity and eating more raw fruit and veg.

What have I been drinking?
An average of 5 x 500ml juices a day plus water, herbal tea, miso/mushroom dashi soup and coconut water including:
Pineapple cranberry juice
Greens mango orange juice
Pineapple coconut greens juice
Zucchini celery spinach pineapple juice
Strawberry spinach celery pineapple juice- NB strawberries do not juice well, they just mush and come out as a thick juicy pulp.
Strawberry spinach celery orange mango juice
Spinach celery blood orange juice
Spinach celery orange mango
V8 vegetable juice

End week 1 weight- 85kgs (-4kg)

High points: Got loads of productive work in while juicing, more energy and a clearer mind, made the time to go to the gallery and do some things that make me smile. Waking up earlier (5:30), feeling more alert and staying up later (11). My skin has been super soft, my husband can't stop touching it so that's a definite improvement. My body is feeling flatter, less bloated- I'm loving it. More motivated to exercise, loving the hula hoop, walking, yoga, dancing, singing, cleaning, anything really. Minimised hayfever symptoms- fingers crossed that continues. I even think my vision might be improving- not sure if it's my mood or my eyes but everything looks brighter and clearer.

Low points: Feeling a little hungry and nauseous at the beginning of the week, watching others eat out, feeling exhausted while detoxing and pulling an all nighter, getting dizzy when getting out of bed too fast... but that happens to me when I'm not juicing too! Had some trouble concentrating while I adjusted to the increased energy levels but perhaps that's still a plus? Got some furry tongue going on, not a fan but no matter how much I scrape it, it won't come off. Got a mouth ulcer too. Feeling quite cold and tired at times, aware I might need to up the calories.

So there's the week 1 wrap up- if you have any questions feel free to ask!

Love and Smiles,
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