Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Juice Fast/Feast- Week 2

And the juice fast keeps going! Week 2 went quite well, even if it was a bit of a challenge and the weight loss was minimal I'm still happy with my effort and the amount of goodness I gave my body.

Starting weight: 89kgs
Week 2 starting weight- 85.5kgs (yes, I did manage to gain 0.5kg on a juice fast)

What have I been drinking?
An average of 5 x 500ml juices a day plus water, herbal tea, miso/mushroom dashi soup, lite soy milk in teas and V8 and coconut water including:
Orange passionfruit and greens juice
Mango orange beetroot greens juice
Pineapple coconut and greens juice
Orange passionfruit greens and beetroot juice
Peach passionfruit beetroot greens juice
Spinach, lettuce, beetroot, mandarin, red capsicum
Spinach celery orange mango
V8 vegetable juice

End week 1 weight- 85kgs (-4kg)
End week 2 weight- 84.5kg (-1kg)

High points: Once again I had a wonderfully productive work week and I've had lots of energy for exercise and have been walking lots. Skin's still feeling great- really super soft and a nice colour. I've been waking up early, I think 4 was the earliest but I still have stacks of energy and a clear, fast mind for work. The body's feeling good, less bloated, stronger. Still motivated to exercise, loving the hula hoop, walking, yoga, dancing, singing, cleaning, anything really. Still only minimal hayfever symptoms and vision is looking good.

Low points: Not much weight loss this week, I know I should be focusing on health not weight loss so I've tried to stay off the scale as much as possible and focus on my lovely soft skin and less bloated body. Feeling a bit grumpy and sore this week, quite possible related to the time of the month rather than the juice fast. Upset tummy, been cold and grumpy some days but warm and happy others. I seriously considered stopping this week because I had some insane hunger and thoughts of binge eating but luckily I realised it was just hormones- which also explains the lack of weight loss! I went to the chiropractor and with her manipulation some of my kidney/bladder pain returned. Still got some furry tongue going on and mouth ulcers. Still feeling quite cold and tired at times even with upping the cals. I'm quite emotionally exhausted at the moment, been having lots of nightmares as usual but they're getting to me, I believe I'm testing the theory dealing with things makes it worse before it gets better!

There you have the week 2 wrap up- again, if you have any questions feel free to ask!

Love and Smiles,
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