Thursday, 26 September 2013

Juice Fast/Feast- Week 3

And the juice fast keeps going! Week 3 was great! Much easier than week 2 and I'm feeling much more positive about continuing it longer. I'm very happy I managed to maintain the juice fast while I was away at the beach and keep up the greens even if the juice selection was more limited because of it.

Starting weight: 89kgs
Week 3 starting weight- 85.5kgs (yes, I did gain again, I blame the salt in the V8 juice)

What have I been drinking?
An average of 5 x 500ml juices a day plus water, herbal tea, miso/mushroom dashi soup, lite soy milk in teas and V8 and coconut water including:
Spinach lettuce beetroot mandarin red capsicum juice
Spinach lettuce orange
Spinach lettuce pineapple
V8 vegetable juice

This week was a little limited in my juices because I decided to run away to the beach. I juiced about 5kg spinach and 5kg of mixed lettuce (thanks to Costco's amazing sizes) before I left and froze them into green ice cubes to take with me. I know it's not ideal but I grabbed some bottled no sugar fresh juice and just added them in. Who says you can't juice without a juicer!

End week 1 weight- 85kgs (-4kg)
End week 2 weight- 84.5kg (-1kg)
End week 3 weight- 82.3kg (-3.2kg)

High points: My collar bones have made an appearance! The bloating has gone down so much I'm finally looking more like myself. I'm feeling much better about my weight this week. I've been staying away from the scales (daily weighing can really mess with your head, I'm all for weekly weigh ins even if I have a hard time sticking to them). I've been really enjoying cooking for other people this week. When I fast I really miss cooking so what can be a chore becomes a nice treat. I've been really motivated to re-watch vegan nutrition lectures and read up while I'm away. Another bonus to juicing is not having so many dishes! I've had the energy for lots of walks and fun on the beach, my skin has been more hardy (I usually burn to a crisp in the Australian sun) and is still lovely and soft. Still only minimal hayfever symptoms and vision is still looking good.

Low points: Stomach as been iffy this week, some days it's fine, others it's really not. I have a feeling it may be IBS/stress related because I really doubt it's the juice. The major temptations this week have been watching my father and husband enjoy multiple ice creams, fish and chips, crisps, chocolate, pancakes etc. I can't not spend the time with them so I'm just getting stronger and proving I don't need or want those things. Still got the furry tongue and mouth ulcers, I've got one right on the end of my tongue! I've had a few panic attacks this week- apparently I'm just testing my limits in the hopes of improving things. Here's hoping I start seeing the benefits of digging into my mind soon!

There's week 3- again, if you have any questions ask away.

Love and Smiles,

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