Friday, 27 September 2013

Juice Fast/Feast- Week 4

This week was a tough one, I've had high highs and low lows, usually swinging between them rather fast. I've been quite stressed and considered keeping the juice fast going to 30 days but after my appointment with my natropath today I'm feeling very good about ending the juice fast. I did want to keep going longer and when I'm bouncing with energy and wanting to go for a run it seems like a great idea but then I get so tired or burst into tears and question everything. I'm not saying these are juice related emotions- they're definitely mine during this stressful point in my life but I just need to keep positive about how much juicy goodness I've been having and keep this a win! I've been filling my body with fruit and veggie juices for almost a month now and that's a great thing!

Starting weight: 89kgs
Week 4 starting weight- 82.3kgs

What have I been drinking?
An average of 5 x 500ml juices a day plus water, herbal tea, miso/mushroom dashi soup, lite soy/almond milk in teas and V8 and coconut water including:
Spinach kale lettuce celery orange (lots of this since I had the green ice cubes)

Watermelon lime mint juice
Green vegetable juice (out, I forget what was in it, sorry!)
Beetroot, orange, carrot, ginger, celery, broccoli
V8 vegetable juice

End week 1 weight- 85kgs (-4kg)
End week 2 weight- 84.5kg (-1kg)
End week 3 weight- 82.3kg (-3.2kg)

End week 4 weight- 81.5kg (-0.8kg)
Total loss- -7.5 kgs 

High points: I'm feeling less bloated all over, my waist is tighter and smaller, I feel much better within myself and my body. The weight loss for me is a real high point, this extra weight is not comfortable and my body wants it off too! My skin has been amazing through this fast, I think I must detox through my skin because I've never had so much stuff work it's way out of my pores! All my skin is silky smooth and has been more resilient to the Aussie sun. I've had only minimal hayfever symptoms, nowhere near as bad as usual and my vision is still crisper and the world looks brighter!

I also have a much greater appreciation for food and NO desire to eat things that aren't good for me. Example: I have watched many people eat recently (going out to dinner with friends while fasting isn't the best idea by the way) but I've seen people eat deep fried things, chips, desserts etc and they honestly don't even look like food. The smell of the oil in the chips was repulsive and the sugary smell of the desserts was enough to know I would have one hell of a sugar headache if I went near it! 

Low points: My stomach has been up and down this juice fast- I have a feeling it's stress not the juice. I've been forced to cook and watch others eat which at times can be very tempting (my husband made this wonderfully crisp fresh apple and walnut salad the other night and I was so ready to dive in!) but it's not so bad. I've had a white tongue and mouth ulcers which have been quite painful and interrupted my sleep and have been bruising very easily. All in all, I'm very glad I did this but it was more challenging that my previous juice fasts.

So at day 26 that's my juice fast done and dusted. I'm sure I'll do another, not quite sure when but I'm really looking forward to some yummy food now! I'll let you know how I transition out of juicing and back to eating... usually I give my body a bit of time to make the adjustment and go easy at first. If you're ending a juice fast I really suggest you do the same!

Love and Smiles,
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