Saturday, 21 September 2013

The Diet Plan and Goals

The blog's up- we're off and running so you're most likely asking what's the diet plan?

My plan is to focus on health rather than numbers (even though I will be tracking my weight weekly) and try to fill myself up with so much of the good stuff that I don't want the bad stuff. I'm not on a time schedule, there's no little black dress to fit into just a desire to live a long healthy happy life!

My main influences are Dr. Fuhrman, Dr. Campbell, Dr. Esselstyn, Dr McDougall and my natropath. I align myself more with the nutrient dense plant based views of Dr. F rather than the ultra low fat higher carbohydrates of Dr. McD. I have a healthy respect for both as Dr. McD's style is much more manageable for some people (like my husband) and having some flexibility between both styles allows the wiggle room needed to make meals work for us both.

A note on fats- I've tried eating a very low fat plant based diet multiple times for months at a time, only getting fats from the minimal amounts in grains, beans, fruits and vegetables but my body seems to have problems with this. I always see the same results, my skin cracks and dermatitis returns, I get sunburnt more easily and my nails crack/split and hair falls out more.. oh and my mood is much harder to stabilise. On the other side of things I was raw vegan for about 6 months and I found the larger amount of nuts I was relying on didn't do me any favours either. They upset my tummy and sucked my energy levels. So I've experimented on myself and the results are in: Claire needs nuts and seeds! but not too many.


Here's a little background: I used to have another weight-loss blog. I had a love/hate relationship with it. It was more of a diet dairy than anything else, I was writing to let the crazy out of my head but knowing there were others that understood my crazy thoughts and ramblings was wonderful. Unfortunately it took me down quite an unhealthy path and my issues with food got worse until I reached a point where I really needed to refocus on all my positive feelings towards food. So I started Almost Skinny Vegan Food! It was a place I could share healthy recipes and focus on getting lots of healthy yummy foods in my life rather than feeling guilty or dwelling on bad decisions (because having a 'treat' just wasn't an option). With this blog I'm tempted to dive headlong into order, calories, restriction, weighing again.. but I want to keep a healthy mindset! I want to keep this a healthy weight loss blog and keep this journey on a safe road.

So I will be eating to nourish my mind, body and soul. I will focus on making good decisions and being proud of them and try to avoid my perfectionist streak! I'll be making sure I get some exercise in daily- even if it's just a walk or playing with my hula hoop and I will also attempt to increase the amount of time I spend meditating.

To glow with happiness and great nutrition!
Good health- in both body and mind 
Only eating when truly hungry
Eating whole foods- mainly raw fruits/vegetables
Aim for 50%+ raw
Eat only nutrient dense foods
No refined fats/oils = relatively low overall fat
No added sugar
No added salt
Peace of mind- acceptance, no guilt, no excessive counting calories or weighing, just harmony with food/body. 
Exercise- Regular enjoyable activity, maintaining structure and consistency.
65kgs 20% Body Fat

These are my food aims:
* No snacks
* No fruit juice/dried fruit (Still keeping up the veggie juicing though!)
* No refined foods (white flour/bread/pasta)
* Daily salad
* Daily green veggies
* Eat so much off the good stuff you're not hungry for the bad things!
* Daily healthy dessert (I'm thinking fruit ice creams)
* Sweat daily! Doesn't matter what type or how much, just get some exercise in!
  • 7.5 cups/0.5lbs Raw Vegetables +
  • 4.5 cups/0.5lbs Cooked Vegetables +
  • 1 cup Starchy Vegetables OR Whole grains
  • 0.5-1 cup Beans/Legumes
  • 4 serves/6 cups Fruit
  • 1 tbsp Flax/Chia Seeds
  • 1/4 cup/1oz Raw Nuts/Seeds
  • Sodium under 1000 mg

What do you think of my plan? Are you doing something similar? Different?
If anyone would like to share their journey or join me you are always more than welcome! Feel free to leave comments or email me.
I hope you're all well, happy and getting lots of fruit and veg in your diets!
Love and Smiles,
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