Thursday, 3 October 2013

Transitioning from a juice fast to eating food

And the results are in! .... After 1 week of eating again I'm up + 1.4 kg. 
That means I've got 19 kgs to go until I hit the highest Dr recommended weight (17 until I have a healthy BMI) which seems very far away right now so I'm focusing on the baby steps, one kilo at a time, one dress size at a time, one health food or lifestyle choice at a time.

(just in case you missed it my juice fast updates are here, here, here and here)

While a gain is never the aim, I'm realistic- you're always going to gain a little after a fast so I'm pretty happy with that number. I've got the weight of the food inside me and I can feel I'm a little more bloated due to salt so I know some of it's water weight. All in all I'm very happy with my transition week (even if my stomach is not).

So how did I transition back to eating real food after my juice fast? well, slowly! I started eating small portions of blended raw fruit and veg then fresh raw fruit and veg moving onto adding more nuts and seeds then branching out into cooked veggies, finally adding grains then protein like tofu and tempeh. Over the week I have slowly increased my portion size naturally as my body desired more food. I could feel myself heat up and gain energy as I started increasing my intake but also, I could feel the energy drain some things have on your system so I've been much more aware of my bodily response and things I really should avoid.

As you know my juice feast/fast was not traditional seeing as I added protein powder and some good fats when I felt my body needed it so I started by introducing 1 tsp of almond butter while taking my supplements to help them stay down which worked a treat.

The next step was green smoothies. I switched from juicing only to juices and smoothies like this delicious concoction I grabbed at veggie bar which had a multitude of greens, banana and avocado in it.
Next came fruit 'ice creams' like the delicious watermelon sorbet I got at the same time. mmm that was a great meal. Really soothing as my mouth ulcers were still healing.
and scrummy versions at home like this raspberry passion fruit flavour
Next to reappear on my menus were salads. Simple, lots of green goodness and easy to digest as long as you remember to chew really well and I made a hugeee batch of kale chips to nibble on.
I added fruits back to my salads, they're so yummy, if you haven't tried it yet you really need to! My fave is grape and cucumber but my husband loves his apple and walnut salad or pear and rocket.
I started adding more nuts in the form of lovely creamy dressings. Don't be afraid of fat! and try to eat it with your greens to make the fat soluble vitamins more available to your body. I made some delicious raw nut/seed butters this week... walnut, pumpkin seed, sunflower seed butters- so good for sauces and dressings.
And just as they are to boost to protein of a meal and keep you full up for longer
I started increasing the amount of spice and flavour in my meals too, I'm still quite sensitive to it (well my tongue loves it, my stomach doesn't) so ease yourself into this one. I went with a spicy soy cucumber salad
and my favourite seaweed salad (yes I know it isn't the best for you but I've tried making it at home and it's just not the same, if anyone has a good recipe I'd love to try it again!)
Then we moved onto cooked vegetables. I made stir-frys, soups, steamed veg etc.
And enjoyed some meals out like this dukka roast vegetable and quinoa salad from gril'ld (minus the feta). Really good, would definitely get it again. Tasted great, had a balsamic dressing on it which went surprisingly well with the dukka.
And I even took myself out to lunch- for the second time ever in my life! I got these jam packed vegetable dumplings (baby corn, carrot, mushrooms, corn, daikon, water chestnut, cabbage) oh man were they good.
and the very nice waiter at the Shark Fin Inn (in china town, Melbourne) recommended this Chinese broccoli and fresh rice noodle dish. No idea what it's called but the texture was AMAZING. I have never had such beautifully cooked silken tofu that just fell apart in your mouth like that...and the sauce! So good. I want to go back today it was so good. 
I know this looks like I eat out a lot but I really don't, once a week treat, twice max if I'm out with a friend so these phone photos have been piling up. My usual option when eating out is the veg stir-fry and when my body was feeling ok with veggies I added back in some grains like rice. Actually I made this mixed grain (brown rice, buckwheat, millet, quinoa) combo in the pressure cooker and portioned it out which was awesome. I like my grains a tad overcooked, mushy but still with texture so cooking grains together that have diff cooking times works a treat!
Last but not least I've been adding in more protein like edamame, tempeh and tofu (but still keeping soy to an occasional treat seeing as it's processed and all)
I think I've covered almost everything- I'm yet to add beans/legumes back into my diet but I'm trying to give my digestive system a chance to catch up and the probiotics I'm taking a chance to work their magic before I venture into that territory and make my beloved hummus. 

So now I'm pretty much back to 'normal'. Making delicious nourishing meals at home and enjoying some mainly healthy treats out. That is my balance and I love it. Despite the perfectionist streak in the back of my head I'm doing much better these days enjoying 'treats'. There are a good many things I no longer have any desire for (sugary lollies, chips, fast food etc) but having a sauce that uses far too much salt and oil on my veggies every now and then isn't the end of the world. In fact, I'd say it's not too bad at all. What do you think?

Love and Smiles,
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