Monday, 30 December 2013

Fasting- Day 1, 2 and 3

I started fasting the day after Boxing Day, quite suitable after Christmas really. Like I said in my last post, I'm not sure how long I'll fast for but if I continue the entire time I'm away that would make it 20 days maximum. My last one was 26 days but I didn't feel fantastic so I'm going for a shorter time period and really focusing on regaining my health.

I know I said I'm trying to stay away from the scales, but when you're fasting they can be great motivation so I've been weighing myself twice a day... having said that, if it starts to get to me I'll stop.

Day 1 am: 86.7 kg
Day 1 pm: 85.2 (-1.5)
Day 2 am: 84.6 (-2.1) <--- 2 kgs in 1 day! Can you say BLOATED?! Salt is the devil.
Day 2 pm: 84.2 (-2.5)
Day 3 am: 83.5 (-3.2)
Day 3 pm: 83.4 (-3.3)
Day 4 am: 82.9 (-3.8)

Day 1 (27/12/13)
I felt shocking this morning. I slept from 11pm to 11 am and still feel absolutely shattered. My hayfever is horrid, I've gone through about 2 inches of tissues and breathing feels like such an effort. This has been the norm for a few weeks now and I've been resorting to antihistamines which I dislike. I know I just need to eat super clean but it's easier said than done. I've been lying low and taking naps today, I'm so exhausted. Generally I sleep badly, it takes me ages to get to sleep (sometimes I just don't) and when I do I dream a lot and kick and toss and turn. I found it even harder than usual to get to sleep... just feeling alert for some reason? Perhaps its detox ending :D

Day 2 (28/12/13)
Just keep drinking, just keep drinking, drinking, la la la la (bonus points if you can guess the tune, hint: dory) Water, tea, juice, mineral water, I've been sip sip sipping all day.
I'm feeling GREAT! Yay for no more detox symptoms. I've got more energy, my sinuses are amazingly clear! Talk about quick results. I'm alert and feeling so much better overall. My stomach doesn't ache, my dermatitis is healing and they hay fever symptoms are way less. Still not sleeping well though, lots of tossing and turning.

Day 3 (29/12/13)
I'm progressing well, the weight/water is leaving, slowing as expected now but I'm feeling so so much better than before. Today was the first day I exerted myself, walking and carrying heavy shopping home which may have been a bit much. Having said that I managed to watch my other half eat veggie dumplings and fried tofu for lunch, sit through a movie full of people eating popcorn, ice cream, lollies etc then watch while my husband ate a burger and chips for dinner... I sipped tea. Everything smells so much more intense now. I think this is what you can definitely call 'true hunger'. I'm really looking forward to a nice salad and some veggies when I start eating again.

I'm heading down to the beach (Torquay) today (day 4)- fingers crossed I'll have internet access so I can continue to update you but it was quite dodgy last trip. If all else fails I can always drive to maccas and use their internet (at least they're good for one thing!)

Hope you're all well and happy,
Love and Smiles,

Sunday, 29 December 2013

I'm Fasting again!

I'm fasting again! I don't know how long for... until I feel like I need to start filling my body with delicious raw fruit and vegetables again? I'll just take it a day at a time and use the period while I'm away at the beach to reflect on things and cleanse my mind and body.

The end of this year felt like one overindulgence after another... see my previous post if you have any doubts! Christmas was amazing but despite the fact that both sides of my family absolutely floored me by making delicious, healthy vegan food for us to enjoy I still feel like I overdid it. We did a double Christmas (on opposite sides of Melbourne) this year meaning my day started at 8 to get ready for church and we didn't get home until close to midnight, mark my words, next year we will be having a relaxed Christmas. Round 1 was with my family where I was treated to 3 salads: #1 Quinoa salad, #2 Braised beetroot, sweet potato and peas (warm and spicy), #3 Peas, beans and snow peas with hazel nuts.. even dessert was a vegan cake for my aunt's birthday! (I may or may not have caved and had some). Round 2 was with my husbands family where they surprised me by cooking 2 vegan dishes, one qunioa salad with orange, beetroot and walnuts and some yummy broccoli and mushrooms with sage and garlic. They even looked it up on my blog!!! my jaw nearly hit the ground, these are serious carnivores we're talking about so you can imagine how loved I felt!

I still want to keep a healthy positive attitude and I know fasting isn't for everyone (it's not even for me when I'm in the wrong head space!) but I really feel like this will help me as I have some alone time down at the beach to relax and meditate on life before my crazy new year starts! Speaking of which, why have I been neglecting this blog so shockingly? well, I finished my masters thesis and graduated! (cue cheesy grad shot)
Wrote just short of a million applications, went to lots of fun interviews and got myself a job for next year. Yep, I'm finally leaving uni! (for now). Next year I will officially be teaching secondary school visual art. I'm still planning on doing the phd sometime in the future but for now at least I'm going to teach and have some fun.

In terms of goals, I would love to get into the 70's by the end of January (when I start work and when I need my clothes to fit by!). That's a nice do-able kilo a week at this point. I thought it might help to break down my long term goals. I'm trying not to dwell on numbers but having a rough idea is still a good thing, no?

My other goals are to minimise my life, possessions and obligations to enable more relaxing time and more time to spend with the people I love. I doubt it's just me but when I get stressed and busy I tend to become a hermit and neglect my friends and family (oops).

So stay tuned for some fasting update posts- and hopefully some good results! If there's anything you want me to include feel free to ask!

Love and Smiles,

Saturday, 28 December 2013

The ups and downs of dieting

You know the story, girl starts a diet blog to keep on track, girl gets busy, girl makes bad food choices, feels guilty, doesn't post regularly and gains weight.. but you all knew that was the reason it was quiet around here didn't you?

So the bad news is I went backwards a little bit but I'm moving on forward and keeping my end goal in sight. I've been through a couple of up and down cycles since my last post thanks to the stress of the end of the year. I got up to 85, down to 82, up to 87, down to 84 and hopefully it will just keep going down now. I just hate feeling bloated but then when you eat out and eat salt what do you expect? 

So, how did I gain? Eating out too much.. my downfall. I did manage to find some photographic evidence of this fun: 
Vegi Bar's amazing house salad with rice balls (aka the best salad EVER)
Stir fry rice noodles from Indochine, tofu and veggies,
Veggie Bento box from Chocolate Buddha = rice, salad with sesame soy dressing, pickled veggies and eggplant and zucchini stirfry veggies. Simply Perfect. 
Back to Vegi Bar with a fake chicken wrap full of raw veg 
and the raw platter with kale chips, raw pad thai with kelp noodles, pickled watermelon rind and pineapple, raw crackers, cashew cheeze and tomato soup... yeah, I was really really hungry that day and boy did it fill me up well.
It hasn't been all bad though, I managed to get in some scrummy homemade soups like my Quinoa Minestrone- with peas, spinach, carrot, quinoa, tomato, mushrooms and V8 soup with spinach, a super quick and easy (lazy dinner).
I quite obviously have not been getting enough of my usual big salads or stir fries in... I believe the above was a sunflower seed butter, soy, vinegar sauce.
I have been having my fair share of delicious fruit 'ice cream' though. 
1. Mango, pineapple, almond milk,
2. Mixed berry, pineapple, almond milk, 
3. Raspberry sorbet (with water instead of almond milk), in my massive tea cup of course
4. Banana, cacao and coconut butter.

The buffet at China bar was my last straw though. I felt so awful for eating too much and promptly had a panic attack over nothing more than food and feeling full...on reflection it wasn't really *that* bad for a whole days worth of food. I ate off the small dinner roll plates and had two of salad, 
one of seaweed salad and sushi, 
one of coconut rice and okra and eggplant stir fry, Buddhas delight and he evil food was the tempura veggies I couldn't resist.. I had about 5 and regretted it within about 5 mins.
and one plate of stir fried rice noodles and veggies
Lesson learned? I think not. I then decided it would be a good idea over the next few days (while beating myself up) to gluten myself with pasta and bloat myself up with chips and hummus. Why??? Finally Lesson learned: the all or nothing mindset is DANGEROUS! Consistency over perfection needs to be the goal.

So there you have it. My yummy craziness that has led to gaining weight instead of losing. Now the key is to get back to normality after the fun of Christmas! I hope you're all enjoying your food and making good choices :)

Love and Smiles,
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