Sunday, 29 December 2013

I'm Fasting again!

I'm fasting again! I don't know how long for... until I feel like I need to start filling my body with delicious raw fruit and vegetables again? I'll just take it a day at a time and use the period while I'm away at the beach to reflect on things and cleanse my mind and body.

The end of this year felt like one overindulgence after another... see my previous post if you have any doubts! Christmas was amazing but despite the fact that both sides of my family absolutely floored me by making delicious, healthy vegan food for us to enjoy I still feel like I overdid it. We did a double Christmas (on opposite sides of Melbourne) this year meaning my day started at 8 to get ready for church and we didn't get home until close to midnight, mark my words, next year we will be having a relaxed Christmas. Round 1 was with my family where I was treated to 3 salads: #1 Quinoa salad, #2 Braised beetroot, sweet potato and peas (warm and spicy), #3 Peas, beans and snow peas with hazel nuts.. even dessert was a vegan cake for my aunt's birthday! (I may or may not have caved and had some). Round 2 was with my husbands family where they surprised me by cooking 2 vegan dishes, one qunioa salad with orange, beetroot and walnuts and some yummy broccoli and mushrooms with sage and garlic. They even looked it up on my blog!!! my jaw nearly hit the ground, these are serious carnivores we're talking about so you can imagine how loved I felt!

I still want to keep a healthy positive attitude and I know fasting isn't for everyone (it's not even for me when I'm in the wrong head space!) but I really feel like this will help me as I have some alone time down at the beach to relax and meditate on life before my crazy new year starts! Speaking of which, why have I been neglecting this blog so shockingly? well, I finished my masters thesis and graduated! (cue cheesy grad shot)
Wrote just short of a million applications, went to lots of fun interviews and got myself a job for next year. Yep, I'm finally leaving uni! (for now). Next year I will officially be teaching secondary school visual art. I'm still planning on doing the phd sometime in the future but for now at least I'm going to teach and have some fun.

In terms of goals, I would love to get into the 70's by the end of January (when I start work and when I need my clothes to fit by!). That's a nice do-able kilo a week at this point. I thought it might help to break down my long term goals. I'm trying not to dwell on numbers but having a rough idea is still a good thing, no?

My other goals are to minimise my life, possessions and obligations to enable more relaxing time and more time to spend with the people I love. I doubt it's just me but when I get stressed and busy I tend to become a hermit and neglect my friends and family (oops).

So stay tuned for some fasting update posts- and hopefully some good results! If there's anything you want me to include feel free to ask!

Love and Smiles,

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