Saturday, 28 December 2013

The ups and downs of dieting

You know the story, girl starts a diet blog to keep on track, girl gets busy, girl makes bad food choices, feels guilty, doesn't post regularly and gains weight.. but you all knew that was the reason it was quiet around here didn't you?

So the bad news is I went backwards a little bit but I'm moving on forward and keeping my end goal in sight. I've been through a couple of up and down cycles since my last post thanks to the stress of the end of the year. I got up to 85, down to 82, up to 87, down to 84 and hopefully it will just keep going down now. I just hate feeling bloated but then when you eat out and eat salt what do you expect? 

So, how did I gain? Eating out too much.. my downfall. I did manage to find some photographic evidence of this fun: 
Vegi Bar's amazing house salad with rice balls (aka the best salad EVER)
Stir fry rice noodles from Indochine, tofu and veggies,
Veggie Bento box from Chocolate Buddha = rice, salad with sesame soy dressing, pickled veggies and eggplant and zucchini stirfry veggies. Simply Perfect. 
Back to Vegi Bar with a fake chicken wrap full of raw veg 
and the raw platter with kale chips, raw pad thai with kelp noodles, pickled watermelon rind and pineapple, raw crackers, cashew cheeze and tomato soup... yeah, I was really really hungry that day and boy did it fill me up well.
It hasn't been all bad though, I managed to get in some scrummy homemade soups like my Quinoa Minestrone- with peas, spinach, carrot, quinoa, tomato, mushrooms and V8 soup with spinach, a super quick and easy (lazy dinner).
I quite obviously have not been getting enough of my usual big salads or stir fries in... I believe the above was a sunflower seed butter, soy, vinegar sauce.
I have been having my fair share of delicious fruit 'ice cream' though. 
1. Mango, pineapple, almond milk,
2. Mixed berry, pineapple, almond milk, 
3. Raspberry sorbet (with water instead of almond milk), in my massive tea cup of course
4. Banana, cacao and coconut butter.

The buffet at China bar was my last straw though. I felt so awful for eating too much and promptly had a panic attack over nothing more than food and feeling full...on reflection it wasn't really *that* bad for a whole days worth of food. I ate off the small dinner roll plates and had two of salad, 
one of seaweed salad and sushi, 
one of coconut rice and okra and eggplant stir fry, Buddhas delight and he evil food was the tempura veggies I couldn't resist.. I had about 5 and regretted it within about 5 mins.
and one plate of stir fried rice noodles and veggies
Lesson learned? I think not. I then decided it would be a good idea over the next few days (while beating myself up) to gluten myself with pasta and bloat myself up with chips and hummus. Why??? Finally Lesson learned: the all or nothing mindset is DANGEROUS! Consistency over perfection needs to be the goal.

So there you have it. My yummy craziness that has led to gaining weight instead of losing. Now the key is to get back to normality after the fun of Christmas! I hope you're all enjoying your food and making good choices :)

Love and Smiles,
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