I'm Claire- the face behind Almost Skinny Vegan Diet and Almost Skinny Vegan Food. I'm a photographer/artist, masters student and teacher living in Melbourne, Australia.
I love developing new recipes, cooking, photographing and sharing healthy vegan food with others. You'll find a multitude of nutritious, delicious, quick, easy, low fat, vegan recipes on Almost Skinny Vegan Food.

I eat a vegan, whole food, plant based, nutrient dense diet. The majority of my diet is vegetables and fruits with small quantities of nuts and seeds and gluten free grains. I eat a large quantity of my food raw but do enjoy cooked foods too. There are a multitude of delicious recipes to enjoy within these guidelines so I never feel as though I'm missing out- quite the opposite actually!

I have been vegan since early 2010- You can read more about My Journey to Veganism here and on the Why Vegan? page. Since then I have moved to a whole foods, plant based diet and incorporated many more raw foods.

I have struggled with depression, anxiety and binge eating for years and am now enjoying each day and all the small things in life. I'm overweight but changing it one meal at a time- feel free to follow me here at Almost Skinny Vegan Diet where I'll update you on my meals, choices and progress.
If there's ever anything you want to ask me about or need a hand with please leave a comment or feel free to email me. 

I hope you enjoy reading and find lots of yummy recipes to try! x

To glow with happiness and great nutrition!
Good health- in both body and mind 
Only eating when truly hungry
Eating whole foods- mainly raw fruits/vegetables
Aim for 50%+ raw
Eat only nutrient dense foods
No refined fats/oils = relitavely low overall fat
No added sugar
No added salt
Peace of mind- acceptance, no guilt, no excessive counting calories or weighing, just harmony with food/body. 
Exercise- Regular enjoyable activity, maintaining structure and consistency.
<65kgs 20% Body Fat
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